It Might Be Work…

... But we call it Play. We specialize in developing creative content that organizations can use to promote their brand, entertain their fans, and energize their image.

Bringing together our skills in writing, animation, marketing and PR, we create highly original films, stories, and animated concepts tailored just for you. Use our content for websites, downloadable apps, multimedia presentations, and more to add freshness and memorability to your brand.

The No Play No Work name reflects our philosophy that creative work comes to life when it feels like play.

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About “No Play No Work”

No Play No WorkAnita Lebeau is an award-winning animator and director with expertise in classic-animation and digital art. Karin Adams is a published children’s author with a background in communications and digital media. Since 2007, Anita and Karin have been collaborating on film, writing, performance, and animation projects.

At No Play No Work, our goal and great pleasure is to create fun, customized multimedia experiences for your organization that deliver your unique message and build up goodwill for your brand. Our content can be used for websites, company conferences, public promotions – wherever you want to add a little zest.

We offer a unique and memorable way to get your message across – with all the fun of Saturday morning cartoons.

Contact us today to discuss how our customized media can add excitement to your company image!

Our Bios

Karin Adams

KARIN ADAMS has worked in Communications and Public Relations for Indigo Rose Software, and as an instructor at the University of Winnipeg. She is the … [Read More...]

Anita Lebeau

ANITA LEBEAU is a freelance animator and filmmaker with over twenty years expertise in classic-style animation, digital art, and documentary production.  … [Read More...]

The Story So Far…

We met in 2007 while taking an Improvisation class at Prairie Theatre Exchange. We followed up the good times with a sketch comedy class where our … [Read More...]

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