Anita Lebeau

ANITA LEBEAU is a freelance animator and filmmaker with over twenty years expertise in classic-style animation, digital art, and documentary production.  She started out by working on films by Richard Condie (The Apprentice), Cordell Barker (Runaway) and Neil McInnes (Love Hound) and went on to create seventeen original shorts for Sesame Street and Sesame Park. Anita has also written, directed and animated two films of her own for the National Film Board of Canada. Both Louise (2004) and Big Drive (2010) have earned multiple awards and accolades, including the esteemed Hiroshima Prize for Louise in 2004. Anita’s films have been screened at festivals and venues all over the world.

Recent projects include animating a series of educational films for Manitoba’s French Board of Education, and an interactive film on climate change for the new polar bear exhibit at the Assiniboine Zoo in Winnipeg. Anita is also the director and producer of Art City (2012), a documentary for MTS-Winnipeg on Demand with fellow filmmaker Scott Collins. Their second documentary, The Starry Night Exchange, is currently in production.  Anita is developing a third animated film in collaboration with writer Karin Adams and composer Paul Shrofel.

Anita’s ongoing creative partnership with Karin Adams at No Play No Work has provided new opportunities to nurture her inter-disciplinary interests in animation, writing and music.

Anita lives with her husband and two daughters in Winnipeg.