The Story So Far…

We met in 2007 while taking an Improvisation class at Prairie Theatre Exchange. We followed up the good times with a sketch comedy class where our hilarious monologues and scenes had everyone (or at least each other) in stitches. Our comedic stylings were officially validated by an invitation to participate in the Carol Shields Festival of New Works. And thus The Nerd Helpline, our first official collaborative piece of sketch comedy writing, was professionally produced and staged. We got to sit back and watch our own creative gem unfold on the PTE mainstage and in über-cool Winnipeg festival venues. That’s it – we were hooked!

Since those fateful improv and sketch class days, we have found every possible excuse to get together and get creative. We’ve even continued to dabble in performance with the all-female comedy troupe we helped found in 2009. Sadly, our love affair with the stage is rather one-sided, so we tend to focus on writing and animation where we really shine. Together, our partnership has generated sketch comedy, short stories, feature length screenplays, animated short films, and concepts for animated spots.

Our philosophy is that work should feel like play, which is why our company name turns the more familiar (but much stodgier) maxim on its head. We’d love to “play” for you next by bringing our energy to your organization or enterprise, and creating dynamic media for you!

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Karin and Anita